A Boycott Movement

[RARE EDITORIAL] Hello friends – may I suggest that we urge our friends and neighbors to boycott businesses such as Papa John’s when they reduce hours or lay-off workers because of the Affordable Care Act? This is the wealthy elite punishing the American electorate for their democratic choice. This is un-American and must be confronted. They are consumer-oriented businesses and that is a power we must yield over them. Let’s start a Boycott Movement.

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Even a small, yet national, social democratic movement could help pull the Democrats further to the left. Perhaps this could be the outcome of Occupy Wall Street’s convention in July?

These are some ideas I had when contemplating this post. THEY ARE MERELY BRAINSTORMING IDEAS. Some may turn out to be impractical for one reason or another. Some are more state-level issues than national issues.

General Items

  • Universal health insurance with a single-payer system.
  • Education reform including free or nearly free university education, extension of school days, severely restricting for-profit “colleges”, reform of student loans, restoration of loan programs eliminated by Congress in the last ten years
  • A year of national service by all Americans in either a military or non-military capacity (AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, etc). (added in edit.)
  • A restoration of New Deal legislation repealed since 1981
  • Major banking reform, including the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act
  • Reduction and when possible elimination of U.S. armed forces based overseas
  • Legalization, regulation, and taxation of naturally occurring narcotics.
  • Release and rehabilitation for those convicted of and serving time in prison for non-violent drug offenses
  • Reduction of the length of copyright to the life of the artist plus twenty-five years
  • Elimination of the current US Senate filibuster procedures
  • Immediate return to the levels of taxation levied by Congress in 1993, with further tax reforms in the future
  • Federal marriage equality
  • Major public-private investment in infrastructure repairs
  • Value Added Tax (added in edit)

Political Reform:

  • Term limits for all elected officials and a mandatory retirement age of 75 for all federal justices and judges
  • Repeal of Citizens United
  • Constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not entitled to the same rights as a living person
  • Changing the day of federal and state elections to Saturday and/or Sunday; or make Election Day a mandatory federal holiday
  • Moving elections from November to May, and restricting presidential campaigns to January through April in presidential election years, including primaries and conventions; and beginning new Congressional and presidential terms on June 1st (or July 4th)
  • Extend the terms of the House of Representatives to 4 years, with an appropriate limit of terms, and the Presidency to 6 years, limited to a singe term.
  • Public funding of all federal campaigns and a ban on corporate donations to political campaigns
  • A constitutional amendment protecting “net neutrality”
  • Use of alternative vote. (added in edit)

There is a Social Democrats, USA website, but it does not appear to have been updated since 2011.

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